Chad Hoskin’s goal as a lending solutions consultant is to provide individuals and families with tailored borrowing solutions that not only work within their overall financial management strategy, but also match their particular situation and home purchase.

With 20 years in the mortgage and wealth management industry, Chad has the knowledge and experience required to deliver and manage a seamless loan process from application to closing. Like all Raymond James Bank lending solutions consultants, he knows there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to borrowing options and he shows clients how assets and liabilities work best when they work together. Chad is a resident of Houston and primarily focuses on the borrowing needs of clients in Texas. He strives to deliver unwavering, first-rate service in every transaction and his background lends itself to easily help homebuyers with their financing needs.

Raymond James Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, offers a variety of innovative, versatile financial solutions to meet just about any lending need. The bank was chartered in 1994 to complement the firm's traditional brokerage services.

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