“I have been dealing almost exclusively with Karen Rodgers for the past four or five years. She has assisted us with more than 10 mortgages for various clients. I've found her to be totally competent, and she handles my clients with the upmost professionalism and consideration. I prefer to deal only with Karen.”

Richard Maurice
Associate Vice President
Raymond James & Associates
Atlanta, Georgia

“My clients and I would like to thank Karen Rodgers for the service she provides above and beyond my expectations. She exemplifies the 'client first' attitude that we strive to build our reputation on.”

Charles M. Robinton
First Vice President, Investments
Raymond James & Associates
Tallahassee, Florida

“Karen Rodgers looks after my clients' interests very well. Whenever I refer a client to Raymond James Bank, I know they're in good hands with her. She handles the details and makes sure we have no surprises.”

David Fenstermaker, CIMA®
Raymond James & Associates
Washington, D.C.

“Karen is very patient with our clients and thorough in her follow-up. We've worked on many cases together, and I've been very pleased with the outcome.”

Sacha Millstone
Raymond James & Associates
Boulder, CO

“Karen Rodgers understands how to create a better banking experience, for advisors and clients, at Raymond James Bank. Karen’s professionalism and friendly personality make working with her a pleasure, while her attention to detail and follow through set her apart from the rest.  I trust Karen to maintain the highest standards of service when working with clients.  Clients agree Karen’s unwavering commitment; experience and professionalism transforms the extremely complex and growling task of obtaining a loan into an exciting, almost effortless, and worry free experience. Karen Rodgers makes Raymond James Bank a very attractive solution for both Raymond James clients and advisors.”

Gregory Helck, WMS
Raymond James & Associates
St. Petersburg, FL

“Whenever there is an opportunity for me to assist my clients with mortgage banking services I work exclusively with Karen Rodgers. I have built a relationship with Karen over a period of years. My reason for requesting Karen is she is able quickly call back clients, is very informative and thorough in detailing the mortgage process and is excellent in following up with clients during and after closing.”

Cary R. Kleinfield
Raymond James & Associates
Fort Myers, FL

Raymond James & Associates financial advisors receive compensation for Raymond James Bank mortgage referrals.

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