Alert: Bogus Emails Claim Loan Approval and Ask for Client Information

Be advised: Communications alleging to be from Raymond James Financial claim to approve a loan and direct recipients to respond with personally identifiable information (PII). The email is a scam. No one should respond to the email or supply personal information.

Sample Scam Emaill
More than one email has circulated. Here is a sample using a fake loan representative name. (Other sender names are possible.)

Hello Mr. or MS _____.

My name is William Patterson with Raymond James Financial and I’m responding to a loan application that you filled out online within the last 30-60 days. Due to the information we have reviewed you have been accepted and approved for a $10,000 loan from our loan center.

If you still wish to receive this loan you will need to read over and sign the Insurance/Loan agreement and respond to this email within 24-48 hours. You will then receive you funds within 2 to 3 business days to account # ending in XXXXXXX. If account number is not correct or has changed since your loan application then notify us with the new account information when you send your Insurance/loan agreement back to us or call customer service. You will have to copy/ and or scan a copy of your state issued Id and most current bank statement, If you do not have a bank statement than you will need to fax over your most current pay stub to us that is at least 30 days current to today’s date from which you received this email.

Loan Agreement:

This is not a credit card this is a personal loan that you are receiving so therefore there are no Set-up, Activation, maintenance, transaction, and or Annual fee’s that you will be responsible for, The only thing you will be responsible for is the Insurance on the loan in case you do miss a payment. The Insurance will be secured through a Netspend Financial Re-load Pak in which you can purchase at your local Walgreens or CVS Store which will cover 4 payments on your loan that will Total $586.76 after one time processing fee. You will receive half of this back after 3 on time payments with us which will be sent back to you in a check for which will total $372.76 ONLY if your first 3 payments are received on time. Once you’ve went and purchased your Green Dot Money Pak and signed and returned the insurance agreement to us you can either copy and scan the receipt to us or call our customer service so they can confirm with you that you have purchase it. Make sure that you purchase the Netspend financial network Re-load Pak and not the Netspend debit card because we do not accept those. The actual Netspend Reload Pak is just like a money order it’s just like cash so keep it in a safe place until you receive your funds in your bank account, then once you receive you funds in your account you will have to then mail us the Financial Re-load Pak that you purchased so we can add it to your account for insurance on the loan. Note::: You WILL go purchase the Netspend Financial Re-load Pak but you will NOT send that in to us until you receive you funds in your account in the amount of $10,000. Once you sign the Insurance/Loan agreement and Purchase the Netspend Re-Load Pak you will have the money in your account within 2 to 3 Business days from that date.

Approved Loan Amount- $10,000

Loan type- Personal loan

Loan Term- 72 months

Loan rate- 7.25% APR

Monthly payment on loan- $171.69

Make sure you email us all the information and call customer service to confirm that we have received everything from you. I want to be the first to welcome you Aboard to Raymond James financial and look forward to getting this loan processed out to you in the next 5 to 7 days when you have completed everything,

Best Regards,

Raymond James Financial Loan Specialist
William Paterson


If you have questions or concerns about suspicious email, or require more information, contact Raymond James Bank at 800.718.2265.


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