Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

In a well-structured portfolio, cash is as important an element as fixed income and other investment alternatives.  Yet all too often, investors do not spend as much time researching the potential returns on their cash as they do on other investments. Instead, they are content with low returns offered when superior alternatives may be available in today’s marketplace. As rates rise, this nonchalant approach to cash management can prove expensive.

Raymond James Bank certificates of deposit (CDs) provide an FDIC-insured alternative for the conservative portion of an investment portfolio when investors are able to lock in a rate for a few months or longer. With a rate of return at competitive interest rates, these CDs offer conventional benefits and a number of features not available through many investment firms or traditional banks.

  • FDIC insurance
    Enjoy the security and peace-of-mind of knowing that your deposits are insured up to $250,000 per depositor by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • Competitive rates
    Earn a competitive rate of interest.
  • Flexibility in term and maturity date
    Set the term and maturity date according to your needs, from the minimum (3 months) up to the maximum available maturity (5 years). Your funds will then be available for a real estate closing, a college tuition payment, a future investment opportunity or another situation.
  • Flexibility in principal amount
    Advertised rates are available for CDs of $500,000 or less. Larger balance CDs generally are not available; special situations may be considered.
  • IRA Flexibility
    Any penalty for early redemption is waived for all required minimum distributions from CDs held in Raymond James IRAs.
  • Compounded interest
    Interest on Raymond James Bank CDs is compounded daily.
  • Interest payment method and frequency of choice
    Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Clients may also elect to have interest paid at maturity for CDs with terms of one year or less. Choose to have interest credited to another Raymond James Bank account, recredited to the CD or, for clients who are affiliated with one of Raymond James Financial's broker/dealer subsidiaries, have it paid directly to your investment account custodied by Raymond James & Associates, Inc. ACH payments are available from the brokerage accounts, allowing for easy transfer to other accounts.
  • Consolidated account information
    For clients of Raymond James Financial’s broker/dealer subsidiaries, Raymond James Bank offers the convenience of receiving consolidated brokerage and bank information on one statement, including updated Raymond James Bank CD details.

For additional information about Raymond James Bank’s customized CDs, please call Raymond James Bank at 800-718-2265. If you are a client of Raymond James & Associates or Raymond James Financial Services, please contact your financial advisor. Raymond James Bank CDs are available to existing clients of Raymond James Bank, Raymond James & Associates, and Raymond James Financial Services. Non-clients may open a CD by making a deposit in person or by mail at our St. Petersburg, Florida office.

Products, terms and conditions subject to change.

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, N.A. Unless otherwise specified, products purchased from or held at Raymond James & Associates or Raymond James Financial Services are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of Raymond James Bank, are not guaranteed by Raymond James Bank and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested.